We are lawyers, defence counsel and criminal law management advisors. We specialise in white collar and fiscal criminal law. Private individuals, managers and companies trust in our experience and strengths.

Criminal proceedings can endanger social and economic existence. We are aware of our special responsibility in this situation. That is why we stand up for our clients in every procedural situation. We provide legally sound advice and point out realistic perspectives.

As a specialist law firm, we know what is important in business-related criminal proceedings. We are fast, personally accessible and flexible. Our expertise and experience are based on many years of work in well-known boutiques and large commercial law firms. We work at the highest level, efficiently and always in the client’s interest. We advise nationally, internationally and across borders. German and English are our natural working languages.


Areas of Practise

White Collar Law

Criminal law risks are playing an increasing role in all areas of economic life. We advise on all aspects of business-related criminal and administrative offences law. We help to act appropriately and purposefully. Charges regarding embezzlement and fraud, corruption and competition criminal law as well as insolvency, medical and pharmaceutical criminal law are our daily practice. We help offended persons and companies to recover their assets. We accompany and coordinate internal investigations to detect legal infringements. A selected network enables us to immediately involve experts from other fields or jurisdictions, if required. More information…

Tax Criminal Law

Misconduct in dealing with taxes, duties, levies and subsidies is under special observation of the authorities and is increasingly critically assessed. The tax offices are required to inform the tax investigation or the public prosecutor’s office as soon as they suspect an administrative or criminal offence. For this reason, tax audits, for example, often lead to the initiation of criminal tax proceedings. The increased motivation to investigate, closer international cooperation between authorities in Europe and strict rules on sentencing have led to specifically high personal risks in criminal tax law. We defend individuals, executives and tax advisors in proceedings regarding tax evasion, tax reduction, customs offences and subsidy fraud. We provide support in the legally compliant correction of tax errors and in the filing of voluntary disclosures. More information…

Medical and Pharmaceutical Criminal Law

Doctors, pharmacists, medical personnel, manufacturers and wholesalers of pharmaceuticals are exposed to increased criminal law risks. We are aware of these risks and develop solutions to exclude them. We advise our clients preventively and defend their interests in crisis situations. We regularly provide legal opinions on criminal law risks in the health care sector. Based on our expertise, we advise on legislative procedures and act as criminal law experts in associations.

Banking and Capital Markets Criminal Law

Our experience in advising banks, credit institutions and their executives is longstanding and comprehensive. It is based on our extensive knowledge of the sector. We represent supervisory boards, management boards, executives and employees of financial institutions in connection with allegations under banking and capital markets criminal law. We have particular experience in connection with investigations against banks and their executives concerning market manipulation, insider trading, embezzlement and tax offences.

Compliance and Criminal Due Diligence

We are specialists in the planning, development and implementation of compliance systems. We know the company perspective from our own experience – including the challenges. We focus on the development of rules and regulations (e.g. Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics) and the training of employees to avoid criminal law risks.

In connection with the sale or acquisition of companies (corporate transactions), we help to identify, realistically assess and avoid criminal risks at an early stage (criminal due diligence). We eliminate existing criminal law risks discreetly and always in the interest of our clients.

Environmental Criminal Law

Our advice on environmental criminal law includes preventive advice to avoid environmental misconduct (compliance) and the defence of individuals and companies in connection with infringements of environmental laws or standards. A major focus in this area is the defence of companies against allegations of administrative offences.

Anti-Corruption Law

In addition to advising on individual cases, one focus of our advice in the area of corruption criminal law is to provide training and to develop rules and regulations for the prevention of corruption (compliance guidelines). We also have extensive experience in defending against corruption allegations of all kinds, particularly in matters relating to foreign affairs. In addition, we regularly provide expert legal opinions in the area of corruption law on the relevance of economic facts under corruption law.


We act as ombudsman for companies within the framework of their compliance systems, so that employees or outsiders (suppliers, customers, etc.) have competent contacts who are bound to secrecy vis-à-vis the company in the event of suspected criminal offences. Attorney Rettenmaier acts as ombudsman for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, RSAG, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the German Olympic team.


The firm’s attorneys are authors of numerous book contributions, essays and annotations to case law. Felix Rettenmaier was author of the criminal law department at C.H. Beck Verlag for several years; he is author of the jurisPraxisreport Compliance & Investigations. Dr. Markus Adick is co-editor of the handbook on fiscal criminal law published by C.F. Müller and co-author of the handbook on sales tax and criminal law. He is also a member of the advisory board of the Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsstrafrecht und Haftung im Unternehmen (ZWH).

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Top firm for white collar law 2019

WirtschaftsWoche ranks us  among the best firms for white collar law in 2019. The rating is based on a survey of other commercial lawyers regarding the reputation of their competitors.

Top lawyers for white collar law 2019

WirtschaftsWoche also ranked our partners Felix Rettenmaier and Markus Adick among the leading lawyers for white collar law in 2019. The rating is based on a survey of other commercial lawyers regarding the reputation of their competitors.

Germany’s Best Lawyers

HANDELSBLATT counts our partner Dr. Markus Adick among the best lawyers for criminal tax law again in 2018. The rating is based on a survey of other commercial lawyers regarding the reputation of their competitors.

FOCUS 2018

Every year, the news magazine FOCUS awards prizes to commercial law firms that have been recommended particularly frequently for certain areas of law. FOCUS ranked us amongst the top law firms for white collar law in 2018. Both partners in commercial law firms and corporate lawyers took part in the survey.

Best lawyers for white collar law

FOCUS counts our partner Felix Rettenmaier among the best lawyers for white collar law in 2018. The rating is based on a survey of other commercial lawyers regarding the reputation of their competitors.


The KANZLEIMONITOR ranks us among the recommended law firms for the areas of commercial criminal law, criminal defense, administrative offences law and corporate criminal law. Furthermore, KANZLEIMONITOR leads our partner Felix Rettenmaier as one of the recommended lawyers for advising companies on criminal law issues.


The JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms 2018/2019 ranks Rettenmaier and Adick among the renowned law firms in commercial and fiscal criminal law and acknowledges that the firm has quickly established itself in the criminal defense scene.


Rettenmaier & Adick is member of Tax & Legal Excellence Network.